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Cruise Port: Fremantle and Perth, Australia.

All ships come into Port of Fremantle, Victoria Quay, with a large container facility on one side.

The town of Fremantle lies close by, across the railroad tracts.

The terminal is large and basic.

It has a few facilities like Tourist Information with greeters,

And a well stocked supply of brochures for sightseeing.

The town provided trolley service into the center of town, a 10 minute ride.

Two CAT bus routes give free rides around the town and include the main attractions. Everything is Fremantle, however, is walkable and the whole town can be traversed in a couple of hours.

A small outdoor sale was going on in the center of town but the variety of merchandize was very limited.

Pedestrian malls make walking very pleasant.

Outdoor entertainers enliven the scene.

Restaurants and bars are numerous.

Many old buildings dating to the nineteenth century give the town a pleasant atmosphere.

Perth is twelve miles or a 30 minute train ride away. The trains run every 15 minutes and the railroad station is about a 10 walk from the trolley drop off point.

Tickets are purchased from a machine and cost $4.40 (AUS$) each way. Perth is in zone 2, press “multiple” if you want more than one ticket. Uniformed officials are available to help you operate the machines.

The trains are more like our subways but they run mostly above ground.

The interior of the trains is even more reminiscent of our modern subways.

The train brings you to the center of Perth and an elevated walkway takes you over to a busy shopping area.

The area has open public spaces,

and pedestrian malls.

Old buildings stand beside new ones.

You can find everything here from Target, to clothing and jewelry stores, to a great wine shop.



Fremantle Prison
Built in the nineteenth century by convict labor, this building was used as a maximum security prison until 1991, but now offers theme tours such as “Great Escape Tour’ and “Tunnels Tour”. Daily 10am – 6pm

Western Australia Maritime Museum
Located on Victoria Quay provides information about the history, people, and naval defense. Daily, 9:30am-5pm except holidays.


The Swan Bells
Eighteen ringing bells make up the world’s largest instrument and the largest set in the world.

Western Australia Museum
Includes early settlers’ cottage and Perth’s original prison, built in 1856, as well as examples of the state’s marine and mammal life, Aboriginal artifacts, meteorites, dinosaur gallery, and an exhibit on the social and natural history of the state. Daily 9:30am-5pm except Good Friday and Christmas day. Free;

Scitech Discovery Centre
Interactive science technology center with over 160 hands on exhibits. Monday-Friday 9:30am-4pm, weekends 10am-5pm.

London Court
The Tudor arcade has a variety of shops and a clock at either end of the court displays St. George and the dragon as the clock strikes the hour. Off Hay Street Mall

King Street
An old street with commercial buildings dating to the 1890s gold rush days that has been restored to its former character. Now it home to leading fashion houses, art galleries, and gourmet cafes.

Art Gallery of Western Australia
Home to the State’s art collection featuring traditional, contemporary and indigenous artwork. Daily, 10am-5pm; Free;

Western Australian Botanic Garden
Located in Kings Park, the garden contains 1,700 native species.


Fremantle, the port city for Perth, was founded in 1829 but did not grow until convict labor arrived. The gold rush of the 1890s brought prosperity and the historic buildings seen in the town today date from that period. In 1987 Fremantle hosted the America’s Cup and blossomed. Today it has a population of 28,000 and is known for its artsy ambience.

Perth, founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling as the Swan River colony, Perth grew slowly until 1850 when convicts arrived. In addition to increasing the population they helped with building projects including the Government House and the town hall. The gold rush of the 1890s added substantially to Perth’s population, leading to more construction and expanded borders. Another wave of prosperity came to Perth in the 1980s due to mining activity and growth continues. Today Perth has a population of over 1.5 million and is a bustling city known for its abundant sunshine and relaxed life-style.

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